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The mesothelioma lawyers at the Simmons Law Firm represent victims of mesothelioma cancer throughout the United States including the state of Arkansas. We have represented thousands of families affected by mesothelioma and asbestos-related cancer and have seen the suffering it causes firsthand. The Simmons Law Firm is dedicated to giving our clients the respect and attention they deserve, no matter where they live. If you or someone you love has mesothelioma, we will come to you. Over the past decade, our asbestos attorneys represented many clients throughout Arkansas – from Jonesboro to Pine Bluff to Springdale.

* Please note that recovery results vary per client. The recovery amounts in each case reflect the specific facts of that case. Further, recovery amounts in past cases are not a guarantee of future results

You should know that Arkansas has a unique set of laws that could impact your ability to file a claim. For example, Arkansas has statute of limitation laws that restrict the time frame in which mesothelioma victims and family members can file an asbestos lawsuit. Rest assured our asbestos attorneys are prepared to help you understand the process for filing an asbestos lawsuit and guide you through the legal system. If youd like to talk to an Arkansas mesothelioma lawyer about a potential case, contact one of the nationwide asbestos attorneys at the Simmons Law Firm today.

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Asbestos is a deadly mineral that has been used in thousands of products. When microscopic asbestos fibers are inhaled or ingested, they can cause a number of diseases, including mesothelioma and lung cancer. Of the diseases caused by asbestos, mesothelioma is the most aggressive, attacking the internal lining of the lungs and abdomen. Mesothelioma typically does not develop until decades after the asbestos exposure occurred.

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Asbestos has been widely used in many industrial products including cement, brake linings, roof shingles, flooring products, textiles, and insulation. When microscopic asbestos dust particles becomes airborne, they can be inhaled or swallowed and can cause serious health issues.

Common work environments where a mesothelioma or cancer patient may have encountered asbestos include shipyards, oil refineries, sheet metal plants, automotive plants, construction sites, and many more. Here is a complete list of occupations that have been linked to asbestos exposure.

In 2010, the Simmons Law Firm established the Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation, a private, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting research and advancing awareness about this rare cancer. The Foundation partners with established experts and thought-leaders in the mesothelioma research field. Learn more about the Foundations current mesothelioma research partners.

As a long-time supporter of the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation and the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, the Simmons Law Firm has an extensive history of supporting the fight against mesothelioma and cancer. The firm has also pledged over $10 million to establish the Simmons Cancer Institute at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. The institute provides extraordinary new resources to enhance treatments and implement the continuing search for a permanent cure. It is the largest single gift in the history of SIU and establishes the university as home to one of the leading cancer facilities in the United States.

Asbestos has not yet been banned in the United States. Its use is regulated, but it is still used in products today. Asbestos has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a human carcinogen. This assessment is supported by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), both of which believe that the future use of asbestos should be banned.

The following chart shows the higher-risk occupations for malignant mesothelioma along with their corresponding Arkansas employment numbers.

Arkansas continues to be affected by mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases.